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When choosing High Desert Petroleum, you receive top quality services with our promise to put the customer first.  Our high quality workmanship, prompt service, and attention to detail provides you with the highest level of value and performance to meet your project needs.
Our Services Include:

New Fuel System Design and Installation

Underground Storage Tanks (UST)


Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST)

Speciality Use Fuel Systems

* Unleaded (All Octanes)

* Fleet Fueling

* Diesel
* Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
* Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
* Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

Facility Renovation

Fuel Facility configuration changes, fuel system modifications, service or repair.

Underground Storage Tank Closure or Removal

Full service Excavation and Tank Removal

Testing & Compliance

Permitting, Reporting, Auditing, Support, or Regulatory Compliance

Environmental Remediation

Soil or Groundwater removal, remediation, and certified disposal.

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